Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I want to do

There are so many things I want to do, when I remember them.

They are such simple things, but at times, hard for me to remember...especially in feeling tired in the morning and in the evening an in any down time.  Therefore the tv has been on more than I'd like and I've been stopping to get something quick to eat much more than I like...  I have been tempting time.

I'm not saying that I/Evee and I (since Clint is so much better at both of these than I) have to be doing something all the time or that eating out or watching tv are bad (believe me, I can love both of these things).  And, I certainly don't mean days like I posted about on Monday - that is actually the kind of days I'm talking about having more of! 

And this post really isn't about what I'm not going to do at all.  But, instead a reminder of all the things that I do want to do and that, in the end, are so much healthier and more beneficial to me.

This summer I made a list of things I wanted to get to when there was free time, which often I think we just need to make happen.  I'll start with that list and go from there... (I've actually done one thing on my list, so I'll take that  I warn you, this is a very random list. 

  • Make a wrap around skirt or elastic one
  • Create a list of books to read – I have this partially started, but need to get a list for the year since I was going to read at least one book a month.  
  • Make a blanket/quilt
  • Find free stuff on craigslist (that would be useful) 
  • Go to rummage sales/garage sales/opt shops (I have a short list of things I'd look for)
  • Make a hanging note to myself about staying present, loving people, peace/simplicity
  • Crafting in general - crocheting, sewing
  • Start making bread and hummus regularly again
  • Get info to garden in the spring - maybe start early and create if from seeds this year...
  • Research local farms and opportunities to eat better, not just healthier...if that makes sense  (thanks for the reminder Josh!)

1 comment:

  1. Great list Jamie!
    I got an herb garden for my birthday and I am loving it!!! Not only does it provide greenery in my kitchen window but also wonderful taste to my recipes.
    I could also help you out with some good book ideas, for instance:
    -Secret Garden
    -The Secret Life of Bees
    -Candy and Me
    -East of Eden
    ALL good reads and all have a similar theme of food and gardens :)
    I am going to start making my own bread as well, once a month for the month, one loaf a week. Have any good recipes? Whole wheat?
    Anyway, I feel the same way... I have a list in my head and not enough time in the day and I am not pregnant and working two jobs. Way to go. Love you.