Monday, January 25, 2010

Nice People

Today I'm thankful for nice people.  People who take time to smile or give a little wave.  People who go the extra step to make sure your experience was a good one.

Here are some I'm thinking about...

Evee and I went to use a coupon at Dunkin' Donuts.  (Yes, we are giving in to some ease with the excuse of pregnancy.)  They forgot to put cream cheese on my bagel.  I went back in line to see if they could just add it for me.  The man who made it and the woman at the cash register both apologized.  Then, as he was bagging it up he added a free bag (worth $.94) to the bag.  I wasn't upset or angry, I was totally fine to wait a couple of minutes to get cream cheese on my bagel...but, it was also really nice to get.  It was nice to know that they cared to add a donut to the bag.

The other funny thing to me was that I've always had a fine experience in this particular Dunkin' Donuts, but I would describe the workers as cordial at best (and I'm pretty sure they hate coupons, which is really the only time we go there).  Today my view of them changed.  It was a really nice surprise, even though it was something so small.

The other examples are from picking up kids from their school (I do this 4 days a week).  Each day we casually (from the car) interact with the crossing guards.  One, in particular, always smiles and waves.  Another of my "favorites" is simply a favorite because he takes charge and is good at his job.  Others barely give you eye contact or engage with those crossing (both pedestrians and vehicles).  Again, I know this is something so small, but it makes a big difference in my day.  I "like" those one particular crossing guards. 

So, thank you to all the people who take a moment to be a little nicer, to smile a bit more, to think the best about the other person...  I am thankful to make my days all the nicer and remind me to be this kind of person as well.


  1. Yeah for nice people!!!!! May the world become filled with them.

  2. I'm finding them (the nice people:)here in Budapest as well, and they make acclimation process so much easier!

  3. Thankful for those simple things here in Cambodia too. A hug from one of the girls, a smile from a stranger, the courtesy of one of the house moms, a cold bottle of water... Definitely appreciating those things tremendously these two weeks!