Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Red Table

This table has been bringing me (and Evee) much joy lately.  My parents passed this on to me to hold on to them for awhile.  The table is one that my mom grew up with, my sisters and I played at as girls, and now Evee is enjoying.

It sits so perfectly by the couches in our living room and is a great place for little ones, as well as adults, to sit and color, do puzzles, or paint.  Many dinners have been had there by Evee as well, as it is only a few feet away from our own dining table.  

We've been making great use of it and will continue to for the time that we have it.


  1. brings back great memories! glad evee can enjoy it too!

  2. Hey, I think I enjoyed that table for several years as well. :)

  3. so sweet. and the little cutie friend with her kinda reminds me of my maddie... and makes me a little sad that we're not living closer. great table and great post!