Friday, January 8, 2010

Being sick

After a week of every person in this home getting sick (on and off) with a 24 hour flu bug - I am so thankful for

A husband...
who was up late with me washing out bedding, pajamas, and blankets
who wrote me a sweet note in the morning and tried to not wake us up as he got up early and later left the house
who checked in with us to see how Evee is feeling and how I'm managing
who was ever encouraging in a crazy week
The 2 hours that Clint took Evee while I was sick yesterday (since he literally had school and work every other moment of the day)

A 2 1/2 year old who rubbed my back as I puked into the toilet and asked me, "Are you throwing up?" about 5 times, all while I was throwing up.

The supportive people I work for

PBS - is that bad?  But, when you can't move and have a 2 year old, it is a great back up...


  1. aww - so sorry you've been sick - and i'm 'all for' the back-up PBS plan!
    because it matters, jayne

  2. Oh man, Mom told me about the sick Ussher household today. So sorry you guys got it! Ughhh! That sounds horrible.

    I did about die when I read what Evee said though...she is ADORABLE!

    Love you guys and miss you!

  3. no, PBS is great! It was one of my saving graces while so sick during my middle son's pregnancy. sounds like you've had a fun week :(