Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tonight I've been listening to Evee cough in her room as she desperately tries to sleep.  The coughs have come and gone, but haven't stopped for the last few hours.  I've gone in with honey.  I've gone in with a drink.  I've gone in to check the vaporizer.  I just want her to sleep well and to be able to get better quickly.  I know it's just a cold (she doesn't even have a fever or anything) and she's not even complaining, but it still breaks my heart.

My mind then went to friends in our community who's new baby had been in the hospital for many days without known cause and was finally able to come home yesterday.  I thought about how that must have for them.  To watch a child suffer and not be able to do anything about it must be one of the worst things.

Now I think about the many moms and caregivers around the world who have little to offer their children.  Lack of medical treatment, clean water, answers to what is happening and no finances to help find out.  I just can hardly imagine. 

I am thankful for the maternal instinct that many have, the desire to hold a little one and love them in the midst of pain.  I'm sure this is the greatest gift.  But, much more is also needed.  May we pray and act as we hear and see.  Whether it's the mother or child down the road or those across the globe.  To support, to love, to encourage, to walk beside.  


  1. Jamie, this is going to sound crazy, but before she goes to bed, try putting Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet (not her chest) followed by thick socks. For some reason, this often qualms coughing. Just try it...it's a Marilyn trick. :)

  2. Jamie, I HATE to see my kiddos sick! Cooper had H1N1 a few weeks ago and didn't even complain, but I hated hearing him cough and have a fever. I know you're trying natural remedies, but we use Delsym for cough. It's just a cough suppresant, no fever reducer or sleep inducer... and it seems to help Coop when he coughs. Just a thought. Hope everyone gets better soon! Stacey