Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tonight I overheard a coversation between Clint and Evee.  It went like this...

"Do you know that you're my favorite girl in the whole world?"


"Do you know that you are so beautiful?"


The dialogue continued like this as they waited for me to sit down at the dinner table.  Along with questions like this were bits of beautiful exchanges of a loving relationship.

I thought, if Clint was saying this to any adult (or anyone was saying this to any adult), it would probably bring tears.  So tender of words and so heartfelt.

As we age, we stop believing or make it hard to believe that anyone could love us like this.  With such pure love and truth.

But as children, we believe these things 100%.  And, I know, listening to Clint as an adult, that he means what he said to Evee 100%.

It makes you wonder about all the little things that come along in life that affect us so deeply and make beautiful things hard to believe.

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