Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reading that I'm loving right now

Here are a few fun &/or interesting reads that have been particularly good for me sometime in the last couple of weeks.  As much as a reminder for me of their names or whereabouts as it is passing these links (or book names) on to you.

The Perfect Day - how we envision our days going and reality

Green & Frugal Lessons Learned From Mom - a post on simplemom and full of great reminders/ideas

New School Thinking along with this youtube video - so much to think about with educating our children and how that happens

Kid's books we've been enjoying from the library:
In a Blue Room - a great going to bed sweet

On My Way to Buy Eggs - just a simple book about buying eggs, but so tender as well

and Evee's new favorite from our last lot of library books is I Stink! as well as a Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (cd & book)- which we have heard many a times in the last few days!

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