Friday, September 18, 2009

One bowl

The idea is this: one day each week, you (and your family) eat from one bowl. Each person has a bowl and that is their food for the day. But, for a reason.

A few weeks ago I talked about the kids' meals in Liberia (see above). How they all had one bowl and rationed in for 2 meals.

What if we, too, did this? Just once a week. Saved money. And then sponsored a child or supported an organization with that money.

I can provide recipes to meals that are cheap (like $2-3 for the entire meal) and mostly consist of rice and a topping (our typical meal while in Africa).

So, instead of making or buying coffee, instead of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner you have one bowl...that you eat from...for the whole day. Think about the money saved. At the very least, $5-10, but at the most (if you normally go out for lunch or coffee and depending on the number of people in your family) it could be $20+ each week! Sponsoring a child for a month is between $30-$40, depending on the organization. Easy to do with eating simply on one day!

This week we started this. Wednesdays are typically the day that works for us, although it may change each week. If anyone wants to join us, that would be wonderful. I will share more information and details as it comes to mind. I'll try to address issues of doing it with children, the portion size, etc. But, I wanted to get the idea out there.

Taking a bit less to feed a few more. Anyone with us?

Pictures above: the bowls in the orphanage, covered food with frisbees to have for their next meal. and our "bowls" for the day. We hope to get our hands on some of the exact same bowls that they use there to make it even more tangible.

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