Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tonight Evee and I got in much later than normal.  She had been sleeping and I had transported her to the car and then from the car.

She loves sleep.  It has never really been a problem with her.  I told her we were home and she could be in her bed.  I laid her there and kept the door open to check on her again before I went to bed.

She was awake.  She pulled the covers off and reached for me.  I held her and sat on the bed.  Then asked her if she wanted to lay down in her bed and she shook her head.  I held her, then went to the rocking chair and rocked until I thought we'd both fall asleep, then put her in her bed and held her hand.  She held on to my fingers and I rubbed her face just like my parents did (and have done some moments not too far gone).  Then I kissed her head and her hand (that was still holding mine).  Told her I loved her.

I know we were both so tired and wouldn't have slept well in that rocker, but we didn't want to lose that moment either.  Of being together.

So tender to hold a child at the end of the day and feel such peace.  Such rest.  Even if we are tired.

This is how I feel about this girl.  She is such a joy.


  1. Such precious mothering moments. Thanks for sharing them with us. Sometimes I want to go back in time and relive those moments. You're a great mom, Jamie. Love you!