Monday, September 28, 2009

Hankie Holder

Since moving back into our house I made a hankie holder.  Which is, just what it says...something to hold our hankies :).  It was a great idea inspired by soulemama in this post.

Although mine is different and not quite as pretty or well-sewn, I'm sure (I'm a bit of a beginner here), it has been so useful these past couple of days when Evee and I have come down with colds.

I never used hankies growing up, but my husband did and got me hooked when we got married.  Now he mostly just has them on hand when he's out and about, but with allergies I've come to use them more regularly.

I do love crafting for things that we need or for practical items in general.  Not that we necessarily had to have a holder, but I know we would have used a lot more toilet paper or tissues if we had not had the hankies so accessible. So, it makes me feel good in many ways - environmentally, cost effectiveness, and it is nicer on your nose. 

And, I do enjoy hearing my 2 year old say that she needs her hankie...kind of endearing.

Until now it has hung on our bathroom doorknob, but it's so flexible.  I might keep it on my desk chair for a bit since it makes grabbing a hankie all the more easy.  

We have many less hankies in the holder today since some are in our beds and others in the clothes hamper.  It's nice that it's being used. 

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