Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Summer

I have been doing a lot more reading, thinking, and drinking of tea and coffee since the summer has begun. Granted, we just helped my parents move – garage sale, craigslist, packing, donating, moving. So, I’ll actually probably do even more reading and thinking.

I am fully seeing this summer as a gift and hope to receive and glean from it as such.

So, although the entire gist of the blog won’t be devoted to meal planning (as it has the last 2-3 months), it will still be a part of the posts.

I think it will also be a bit of an outlet, though, to share some of the many thoughts going through my head as I read some incredibly helpful books and have more time to contemplate.

I’ve recently started on my “summer book list”, which I didn’t even plan on having.

The 2 I’ve started:

I’ve always kind of thought that I didn’t really enjoy reading many non-fiction books and felt that if I wanted to enjoy reading, I should just pick up a good novel.

I’m realizing more that there are just certain books and topics that we intuitively care about or books that happen to be perfect for a season we are in (like what Parenting With Love And Logic and The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family
have been for me this past semester).

I hate reading a book that I’m just not in to, but feel that I should be because everyone else around me has enjoyed it.

So anyway, of course no pressure to read all my ramblings. It's more of an outlet than anything else... Although, if you do read and have thoughts I’d love to hear them. And no promises on how often I’ll end up posting :).

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