Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meal Plan Follow Up

This week we spent $59.68 at Wegmans. I think my estimate was $55. So, we actually went under budget if you don't count the snacks that Clint picked up for going away this week.

So, changes to the list and description of price
  • We were just out of popcorn, so I got another bag of that
  • Clint's stuff came to about $9. So, really we did well this week.
  • I also picked up some spaghetti noodles for Evee and I to have for lunches this week.
  • Clint needed a new toothbrush - $2
We got strawberries instead apples because they were on sale 2 for $3! So, we took advantage of that sale. Cheese was also on sale - 8 oz for $2.

I just cooked garbanzo beans today finally so that we can make hummus before the pita shells go bad! Tomorrow I'll make the actual hummus, but at least the beans are ready. Then I need to cook up the kidney beans for chili on Friday. Overall, I'm enjoying the dry beans!

Hope your week is going well!

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