Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meal Plan Follow Up

The total for Wegmans yesterday was $34.07. So, about $3 more than I'd calculated. Here's why...
  • I saved money on oil - I went with Canola oil instead. I hope it's just this one time :). We leave for Clint's summer internship in about 6 weeks, so I didn't want to get the massive thing of oil that last awhile and is cheaper per quart. But, I didn't want to spend more per quart and get a smaller one. So, I settled...
  • I also saved $.50 on bananas. Just didn't need the whole 4 lb. We still had some left from before, too.
  • We spent more because I forgot to put whole wheat pitas on the list - $1.79.
  • I also got bagels and cream cheese :). But, I found cheaper Wegmans brand bagels for $1.59 instead of the usual price I pay of over $3. So, good to know!
  • The detergent I thought was still on sale wasn't. I still got one that was on sale, but it was $1.50 more than the one I was going to buy.
  • And, shower soap was $1 over what I predicted. This is something that we don't buy every week, so I wasn't sure. Now I will remember the price better!
At ShopRite I spent $11.59. This was also over my estimation by $2.59. And here's that break down...
  • I didn't get watermellon for $.99/lb. It didn't look too good - so that saved us.
  • I added ShopRite brand chocolate chips to make cookies for the week. So, that added $1.99.
  • I spent $4.60 on chicken instead of the great deal I thought I was going to get with their chicken on sale. I'm not 100% sure, but I felt that their on sale chicken prices were the same as what I spend regularly at Wegmans. It took awhile trying to figure out what to get since the sale had advertised as low as $.53/lb on some chicken, but then when I got there I couldn't find anything as cheap as that and the other stuff was like normal prices to me. A bit frustrating. But they did still have the great strawberry sale!
The rest of the month will be interesting. I can spend about $30 a week for the next 2 and then the last week is about 4 days and I'll have around $20 for that. It is going to be tight :).

Thankfully we already have salmon for next week from the bag I got this week. I'll see what else is in the cupboards/freezer as well!

Hope your meal planning is going well this week! Our chicken pot pie looks good for tonight and it was really easy to prepare ahead of time.


  1. I heard a rumor that if Shop Rite is out of the sale meat that you want, you can ask for it at the meat counter and they can pull strings to find it with you. Not sure if it works or not...

  2. Princeton prices sure are high...I think we nearly doubled our grocery budget when we came to Princeton from Indiana.