Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shopping Update from Monday Post

Thought I'd post an update to my shopping trip from Monday's meal plan post.

Total cost for the week: $40.52

The fruit I ended up getting were - strawberry's, bananas, and grapes. Plus, instead of the little amount of pork I needed for the taco meal this week, I got an 8# package since then it was only $.99/lb. We are not huge pork eaters (I might just be speaking for myself there), but there are a few things that it would be great for. Namely, more of the pork taco meal and pulled pork bbq sandwiches - which is a great crock pot meal! So, I'll be freezing it for using later on.

Last week, after being gone for 2 1/2 weeks I had to make an extra trip to the grocery store which was a bit frustrating. So, it feels nice again this week to have my head back on straight and not lose time and money having to run out on an extra trip!

Also, update on the no-spend challenge that momadvice is doing and that I talked about briefly in this post: For the most part this is how we are trying to live (I'll share more when I write again on the 3 Big Questions). It was, however, interesting last week with getting back the weekend before, so we did go out one time. And, I also bought an ice cream cake for a really good friend of mine who was with us over her birthday weekend. It was the one thing she wanted... Just keeping honest :).

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