Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I wanted to put out a blog post sometime in the next few hours because it will be the start of Tuesday soon in the States, but it's already Tuesday afternoon here. I usually stick to somewhat of a regular blog schedule because it helps to write about certain topics on certain days, all of which are topics I generally enjoy writing about. But sometimes it's nice to just write about whatever...though it feels like more of a journal, which isn't necessarily bad, but definitely more vulnerable in a funny sort of way. And, it shows the randomness of my thoughts.

So, things I've been thinking about since being away (besides Clint)...

And, as a disclaimer, I think about all these things regularly, so I can't say something exactly brought them on. Although, some are very much so based on a situation, so, there goes the disclaimer. I could just take this whole paragraph out...

Parenting. How differently each of us parent. How even when we have similar views on certain things, parenting is unique to each family. How it's nice to not be judged for how you parent, but how easily it is to have an opinion on other parenting styles. This goes for so many things, though, not just parenting. Really, I guess I've been thinking about this for all of life. Judgment is a funny thing.

Warm weather. Being in such an amazing climate really makes you think about how we usually chose where we live based on jobs, relationships, comfort (of the known) and very little on weather. If it was on weather, I can tell you that Clint would not have made it for the last 8 years and I wouldn't have my whole life (nor my mom). Although, I'm thinking of my friend right now who is thrilled that it is snowing outside and very cold where we live. So, I guess that it is my own personal opinion that warm weather is better. And, I guess I do love fall and spring.

Being teachable. Going along with the whole parenting thought from above. There is something about being around people when they are teachable and humble in the life process. It's not nice to be around someone who you don't necessarily agree with, but seem to believe that they have everything together. Thinking about how I want to be constantly teachable, but also love being passionate about things I feel strongly about.

The difference between faith and belief. Realizing that I've usually lumped them together, but am reconsidering the lump after Sunday. Now, I'm just taking time to thinking about it, but haven't come to any real conclusions, just more thoughts.

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