Monday, January 19, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

So, as I shared last week, I am not meal planning this week or next since I'm still gone visiting family. But, I thought I'd share instead some meals that I'd like to try once coming back! And, check out Meal Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie for other great meal plans for the week or to add your own!

One that sounds super simple is one that my sister-in-law passed on to me awhile back - one for bean burritos. In her own words...

"I was thinking about your blog about meatless meals today because I've been making us bean burritos that are soooo good and healthy. Maybe you already have something like this, but I've been using whole wheat shells, cheese, black beans (from the can), brown rice, and either a tomato chopped up or home-made salsa (which I also have a cheap easy recipe for if you ever want it). I grill the whole thing in a frying pan. It's super healthy, cheap, and quick."

They sound really good! I was thinking if you have extra money in the budget for the week, too, avocados would be a yummy addition. So, that's one I'll be trying! I'll have to get the salsa recipe as well :).

Another is a vegetarian lasagna. I saw this recipe and would love to make some version of this. The measurements must be all messed up because some of them seem pretty crazy, but the general idea sounds good...spinach, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. I'll try to put up the recipe for the one I make once I've done it.

We are in nice warm weather, so it's been more about fish and chips and barbecues than stew and pastas. Happy cooking this week!

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