Saturday, December 27, 2008

Passing the peace...

Thinking about what I shared as peace in our lives from yesterday, and then thinking how we can pass the peace...makes me think of a few stories just from yesterday.

Yesterday I ran into Rite Aide. As I was cashing out, I asked the man working behind the counter how his Christmas was. He told me that it was alright, but he'd spent the day alone. He said that none of his family was really around and he had literally been by himself. I could have cried for the man, and quite honestly, in the moment I had nothing to say...nothing to offer as cheer. Even in this moment I can't think of what to say.

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with a woman from United airlines for over an hour. At the beginning of the conversation, I really wasn't sure which way it was going to go as far as ease and politeness. A little while in, however, I couldn't have been more thankful for this woman who had come in hours earlier than her normal schedule to help with call volume. She was really good at her job, follow through, checking into things that would help us out, and just going the extra step to get things done right. I told her how much I appreciate it and how thankful I was for her in those moments. Instead of a frustrating phone call, it was actually an enjoyable one!

Last evening, my mom, Evee and I went out to Panera. My mom saw an older couple that she knew, said hi and talked with them for a few moments. Later she had to go up to the counter for something and a man stopped her on her way back to our table, asking her if she knew that couple. My mom said that she did and mentioned how sweet they were. This man said that he had noticed and asked her if she would pass something on to them after he had left. He handed her a Panera gift card saying:
To: Cute Couple
From: Happy Holidays
$15 to enjoy!

Passing the peace... Just being aware of those around me. Recognizing who is in my life who may need to be known. Being thankful for the little beauties in life that make frustrating things that much easier.

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