Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's amazing to me how much happiness can come from me simply going over to our dining table and picking up a chair. I get an instant smile and a little "jump" (she's still learning how to actually get her feet off the ground) as Evee makes her way into the kitchen to help in the kitchen. Again, it's me letting go of the mess and taking time to enjoy in the fact that she loves to be with me in the kitchen. Whether she is turning the light switch on and off, spreading flour all over the counter, stealing chocolate chips, or, like tonight, playing with water in the sink - as long as she is on that chair, she is thrilled.

Here are a few random picks (some newer and some older) of the fun, mess, and sweet simplicity of being a child and experiencing life.


  1. Oh man... I miss that little girl. Can't stand it! But, please keep posting pictures anyway.

  2. what a cutie!

    I have to remind myself of that, too: don't worry about the mess. It is so much more important to share our lives with these little bambinos!

    (Just wait until she's a little older and you try to teach her how to crack an egg. Talk about messy....)