Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently, in talking with a group of women that get together on a weekly basis, I was reminded of choice. The thought that we get to make choices brings some mixed emotions.

It brings freedom and peace. It's just nice to know that we can choose. We have that freedom, that ability. If I don't like my current circumstances or situation, there is usually something that I can do to make a change. But, it takes making a choice.

It also brings some fear. This is what makes me a very indecisive decision maker. I don't always like choices. Tell me what to do and I'll try to deal with it. When there are choices involved I can easily get bogged down because I want to make THE best choice.

But, tonight, the thought of choice brought peace. As we continue to transition, there are so many choices to make - what is best for our family, our financial situation, my personally wellbeing and that of my family. I choose how I will respond in certain situations and what my attitude and reactions will be. I choose whether I will fear the future or will have faith. I am so thankful to know that God guides and leads us - ultimately into perfect peace as we set our minds on Him.


  1. Ditto on that last paragraph... so thankful that our God is a trustworthy God!

  2. Yeah, choice is powerful. I am so thankful that it is in Him that we trust.
    Love ya! Renee