Monday, September 8, 2008


There are so many great things that you can swap to either make money or save money. Since moving to the east coast and desperately needing to cut down on cost, I've been trying to be even more creative in saving money. One thing we've thought of is meal swapping with some of the neighboring families. We haven't technically started (although there has been a LOT of meal sharing), but once we get it squared away, I'll be sure to post about the details in case anyone else would want to try it out in their neighborhood. I'll be writing in the future about this swap and hopefully other's we plan to try.

Today I just wanted to pass on a couple of links to gift card swaps that my friend passed along to me a little while back. You can buy, sell, or trade gift cards.

Certificate Swap

Swap A Gift


  1. If only your friend would update her blog ;). I love the swap idea, especially swapping different services.

    Love ya!

  2. Seriously! That would be great...I do check it regularly hoping there might be something new :).