Friday, September 5, 2008

A Month of Meals

Simplify while saving money now and every month!  
Have more time with your family!  

           Grocery shop, plan, and cook less!            

Discover how you can save hundreds on grocery bills, reduce stress at dinnertime, and have family meals together on a nightly basis starting now!  

I love grocery shopping, saving money, and meal planning.  I have come to realize that most people don’t enjoy meal planning, but I hate to see people spend too much at the grocery store!  Even if you're not a meal planner, why not still be able to save tons of money every month?! 

Once I made meal planning a regular routine, our lives have been more peaceful and eating has been much less expensive.  Plus, I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight easily!  

Our family of three is able to eat at home every night of the month for $200 or less.  Most of the time, lunch is in that price as well as toiletries and household products!  Take time to add up your grocery bills… $200 isn't easy to do!  
Plus, I can be in and out of the grocery store in record time because everything is on my easy-to-navigate list.  We eat healthier because of the meal options!  

In A Month of Meals, you receive…

Meals – I've compiled meals that work well together because they have similar ingredients.  Don't think you'll be eating similar meals each night of the week, though.  They are unique meals that don't waste ingredients and use more vegetables and whole grains!

Recipes – Quick and easy recipes put into a weekly schedule.  There are even 6 meals that you can make ahead of time to freeze for your extra busy days when you don’t want to think about cooking at all! 

Ingredients & Shopping Lists – these will make going to the grocery store a breeze (maybe even fun)!

Plus, there are some extras to this eBook! 
  • Ready to print out recipe cards!  Know exactly what’s in the fridge and what to make with it
  • Helpful tips – get your child to eat, know simple ways to live a healthier life-style, stick to your budget… 
  • Simple ways to be healthy and choose healthier options
  • A list of staples for every household – save money on unnecessary trips
  • Tips to having a meal plan and how it can save you a lot of money right now
  • Great tasting and healthy side options
  • The average price of items in most locations, how they vary depending on where you live, and how to compare prices
  • A better example of a food pyramid that focuses on healing foods
  • Great links - connect you to information on gardening, finding your ideal weight, and more
I want everyone to have the opportunity to get this book and start saving money right away - I know it will be worth it for you.  It's only $6.95

Besides saving the money you spend on this book within the first month (most likely in the first week), it also comes with an 8 week, 100%, money-back guarantee!  I know that you will be encouraged as you follow the easy steps to save money and use the information you’ll find in this book.  Test the information out!  See how it works for you and your family.

Ready to save money, have stress free grocery planning, shopping, and cooking?  Get your instant download to start saving money immediately!

Plus, you'll recieve my "Quick Guide" to breakfast, lunch and snack ideas with recipes and tips as soon as you purchase your copy of "A Month of Meals"!

Please note - as soon as payment is processed (via paypal) I will send you eBook through the email you have on file with paypal.  You will get pdfs for both the book and the quick guide.  Please allow 24 hours for this process to take place.  Thank you!

Also, if you have any questions at anytime, feel free to contact me by email.

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