Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last night Evee made and wrote a card for me. She was worried she wouldn't have time today with school and all. She followed up by writing a message on her hand. She did not want to forget.

This morning I heard her tell Clint that she did not want to wake me since it was my birthday. I love her.

On this day, my birthday...

// I awoke to a sweet overseas text
// Continued to get sweet messages throughout the day
// Am amazed by all the truly beautiful people in my life and those I get to call friends
// Am thankful for birthday gatherings that have gone and that will come
// Am still amazed that my sister could join in on some of the festivity (!!!)
// Was greeted with flowers and chocolate on my desk at work and encouragement from co-workers
// Sat and did whatever I wanted while dinner was made and cleared without any help from me
// Shared cupcakes with 2 very excited girls
// Finished off watching a dancing show - one fairly serious dancer and one very silly dancer
// Sit quietly tonight - a bit of crochet, a bit of reading, a bit of relaxing
// Anticipate more birthday excitement - a one night getaway with Clint (!!!!!)

Some years seem to sound too old or feel young, but this year 32 seems just right.

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  1. So happy for all your celebrating, relaxing, and dancing girls. Have fun whenever the overnighter comes along! Love you!!