Monday, November 19, 2012

Friends! We are well in to November now! Wow.

Hope you are well!

A recap in pictures of the last 2-3 weeks as follows... 

Evee had a school disco. She wore dress up :). 
Celebrated a dear friend 
Evee and Iris, just in general... 
Friends from New Jersey were here. Jonathan went to school with Evee. 
We went to Auckland and Clint was ordained! 
I turned 31 and had a sweet week of celebrating :) 
We said good bye to our friends from NJ and cried. We talked about how blessed we are to know so many wonderful people all around the world. We are better for knowing beautiful people, even if we regularly have to say goodbye. 
I "finished" my garden or at least feel like I have a proper one. And we got a chicken. A chicken!



  1. Love all the pictures! Remembering those school hats the kids wear :). So glad you had a great birthday. You are loved!

  2. It's about time for a post! Those girls are looking so old and beautiful.

    I can hardly believe you're 31.

    And a chicken! :)