Saturday, October 13, 2012

School holidays have come and gone... tomorrow Evee goes back to school.

Time continues on, which is lovely and yet I want to make sure to savor each moment. It goes by so fast.

2 weeks of no school... 

We went to Auckland for some days on the first weekend. We connected with great people, Clint spoke at church twice and we shared about The Well/Christchurch.
We went to a community house performance of "Jack and the Beanstalk". The girls wore dress up, sat on pillows and, besides the giant being a bit scary, we had a good time. 
We were gifted a night out while there - free babysitting and dinner paid for. Amazing. To sit across the table from the best life partner, to chat, to dream, have a great meal and to be unhurried - the night was such a gift.
The week and a half, upon return, were full (for Evee) of playing with friends, little outings around town and sleepovers.
Back to a bit of routine tomorrow...

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