Monday, September 10, 2012

There are a great deal of things that make up our days. Some small, some big, some seemingly big that end up small and vice versa.

A bit of life the last couple weeks...
2 weeks ago we had the leader of our denomination and her husband here in Christchurch. What could have been an intimidating visit brought much warmth instead. After spending 2 days with the two of them and our NZ national leader I have an even greater hope for the church. In the midst of conversation and stories I found hope for my own soul as well.

I have been sick for weeks. (note: it is only a sinus infection... nothing out of the norm or dramatic except that it has taken a good while to finally start to clear up). All the same, last week I hit a low point friends... The nurse from the doctor's office called to see how I was doing/if I was feeling any better and I fell a part, crying on the phone with her.

That same day a group of ladies gathered to pray. We always gather on Wednesdays. It did my soul well. (and I'm feeling much more on the mend!)

Late last week brought a good number of sweet encouragements... through relationships, random and not random emails, texts and prayers. Emilie and Logan also arrived... they are a blessing in every way.

Thank you friends for being on journey with us. 


  1. Hey Jamie, are you feeling better now? I hope so! Been praying for you after our conversation!
    Love ya friend!

  2. So glad you had so many life giving moments in the midst of a yucky sinus infection. Hope you're feeling 100% better soon! Miss you dear friend!

  3. Hi Jamie - I found your blog and just wanted to say that it was lovely to meet you today!