Wednesday, June 6, 2012

and it snows

We woke up to a thin white blanket this morning. Snow coming down.

We called Clint in Kentucky, just to tell him. Last year it snowed twice in Christchurch. There was talk of it happening this week.

A friend, who I had plans with this morning, texted saying that their kids' school is closed. The thought hadn't crossed my mind. I called Evee's school. Still on.
We got ready for school. I went to the garage to get rain boots. Our neighbor, who bikes to work everyday, was starting his car.

We started our walk to school. In all the amazement, texts, phone calls and news watching we were running late. We were about 100 meters away when we see 2 other kids... coming away from school. They tell me that it just canceled. We headed home.

The girls played in the backyard. I got the fire going in our single glazed window and barely insulated home. Made hot chocolate. Glad we went grocery shopping yesterday.
People wonder if they should drive. Things close down. I read that flights got canceled and power is out. It's June in Christchurch. Unusual, rare, but we have snow today.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. The snow will probably be gone.

For today it is quite beautiful. I feel like we should be putting up a Christmas tree.
Our huddled inside day that included
helping a neighbor's daughter get her car unstuck
having tea with that neighbor and her granddaughter 
trips back and forth to play out in the snow
drying off of snow gear
drawing of pictures
playing with blocks
Iris taking a 4 hour nap (!!!)
a quiet silly dinner together

Hope your week is well friends!


  1. Love it! What a special day with the kiddos! And what sounds like a bonding experience with the neighborhood. :)

    And a 4 hour nap? Forget about it.

  2. Ah, we miss you and wish we could have had the whole family in KY this week. Met Emily. I can tell why you love her. She reminds me a lot of you. :) So glad they are joining you in ChCh. Lots of love and hugs!

  3. How sweet! Miss those girls. I dream about the days when Miles napped, let alone 4 hours. Sigh. :)