Monday, May 21, 2012

faith expressing itself through love

"The only thing that counts is faith (being sure of what we hope for and certain of what is not yet seen) expressing itself through love."
Can you imagine?
All that I (we) hope for,
All that I (we) long to see,
Expressed in love?

Heaven would be that much closer.
All the good that would happen,
For people,
For the world,
because faith is poured out through love.

I've been pondering these verses since late last year.  Mulling over the simplistic intensity of this verse combination.  Thinking about the trueness of my own faith.  Praying that this kind of faith:love is authentic of me.

I guess we would start responding to the hope within situations and within a person, instead of the seemingly here and now reality, including our own selfishness.  But, the love would be expressed now.  Even though what is hoped for is not yet seen. 

We can see it and we can love in that hope.

And my mind is still wondering about this...still thinking it all through.  But, I think it could bring about quite beautiful moments.  I wonder if it could make actions and thoughts much more tender, selfless and wanting of the best for others.

Faith is no longer an obscure word.  Hope is not without action.

What do I hope for?  And how is it expressed through love?

For this is what counts.

( Galatians 5:6 with a bit of Hebrews 11:1)


  1. Ah Jamie, love it! This is one of my favorite verses. There are two that I love from Galatians (such an amazing book on grace). The one you quote and "what really counts is a transformed life." (6:15)

  2. we do need to organize our own skype times :) thanks for this, friend.