Wednesday, April 4, 2012

come on back

We walked around and put invites in people's mail slots.  Come, Sunday at 4pm.  It seemed fun to have a get together of the neighbors...whoever showed up.  It didn't matter who came, but just that we'd tried.

But, then, of course, Sunday rolls around.  At 3pm you start to wonder who will actually come...if anyone will actually come.  You wonder if it will be awkward.

We put a sign in the front yard.  "Welcome" and "Come on back".

4pm.  A few people wander back to our yard.  We knew our next door neighbors would be there, so that was nice.  But a few others did come.  And the few that came stayed for hours.

One of the ladies who came Sunday afternoon stopped by the next day.  She wondered if I wanted to see her garden and she introduced me to her daughter and grand kids.  We ate fruit off her tree.  Her daughter and I sat and chatted for a couple of hours and exchanged numbers.

And a few neighbors who couldn't come, have come by at other times.  A couple have dropped off notes in our letter box, others have stopped by with fruit in hand and introductions to be said. 

In the end, I felt the same as before - it didn't matter except that we'd done it.  And I'm glad we did it.  I'm glad that all our neighbors know our names, our number.  Know that they can pop in whenever. 

I'm reminded to keep pursuing, keep asking.  Because it just takes time.  Community takes time.  And time makes it all the more beautiful.


  1. Because time makes it beautiful. Love it. Love you!

  2. Jamie, I'm really proud of you. God is really using you. This encourages me to do more in my own neighborhood.

    Bonita Wuertley