Thursday, March 29, 2012


We joined others who meet each Wednesday, walking or running a 5k.  I pushed the stroller and chatted with our neighbor, the one who had invited us along.  You can go pretty deep, hear a lot in 3.1 miles.  Everyone gathers together afterward at the pub, they bbq, continue to chat.  Over 60 people, mostly regulars who do this each Wednesday. 

From there I met a friend for coffee.  We talked about life.  We'd gotten together last week too...talked about life in each season.

She told me that she said hello to her neighbors this week...actually stopped and chatted with them.  She is having morning tea with another mom, 2 houses down next week.  She said that she wouldn't have done that before.


  1. Wow! Things are happening in your community! So cool! You have a real gift for speaking into peoples lives :)

  2. Watching the verses I pray for you come alive! You are such a gracious person. Loving you.