Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what I love about Christchurch

Today was the 1 year anniversary of the February earthquake, the one that took lives, the one that brought more destruction around the city.
Today there were flowers in most of the orange cones around the city.

We were not here for that event, nor were we here for the events before or after or everyday since until about a month ago.  I cannot imagine what it was like to be here and to feel the horror that was, and still is, felt. 

But I do love this city.  I love it more and more each day.  I have much hope for the rebuild, but even that aside, I love what Christchurch is now.

I'm sure this post will get added to in the months ahead as we learn more as we go along, but here is a bit of what I love for now.

(already mentioned)
The 3 bins that the city picks up - recycle, trash, and compost
the amazing landscape
the general kindness of people
the port hills
the second hand shops and markets

I would add...
The park right to the west of the city.  It's huge and there are always people running, biking, playing sports around it.  It also holds the beautiful botanical gardens.

The playgrounds that are all around the city.  Seriously, it seems that every few blocks is another place to hang out.

That Evee's pet options have turned from dog and cat to sheep and chicken.  We are hopeful together that one day we might have chickens in the back yard (!!!!).

I don't mind instant coffee.  Yes, it's true.  I know some of you will be ashamed at this confession (you and Clint), but I know others would love the simplicity of it.  I have specific people in mind :).

When I call immigration to ask questions, they are nice.  Yes, nice!  I'm surprised each time.

Like my last post said, we have been welcomed into the country...a few times now.  I don't know another country that actually welcomes you when you say you've just moved there.  I'm sure they are out there, but this is my first experience.  Love it.

And again, simply wonderful people.

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  1. And a few things I love about this post... instant coffee (adding that to the list of things to send in your package once you are settled at the house), playgrounds, botantical gardens and of COURSE, CHICKENS(YES!!!!) Love you friend.