Monday, February 20, 2012

the playground

The days have been absolutely beautiful.  Sunshine.  It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

When we were in the midst of grad school, work and living our family life in community (all of which I loved and am so thankful for!) I wondered if we would ever take day trips, go hiking, be into walking and biking around our city.

I thought, once we were out of that season, surely we would.  But, I will admit, part of me feared that perhaps it wasn't just busyness and instead maybe we weren't those kind of people.
Thankfully, we have found that we've naturally gotten into the habit of going up the port hills, walking to where we need to go and are making life decisions based around wanting to bike/walk as much as possible, be active in our community as well as living in community.  I'm happy about this.  I only hope that it continues to be more and more true...
(pictures above -  The playground partway up the port hills.  We hung out there today while Clint ran the port hills.  The huge slide at the playground.  And the view from the top of the slide looking out to the city and the ocean. And the sweetness of these girls.) 


  1. The girls look so BIG! I love reading your blog:) It makes me feel like you aren't that far away:)

  2. I like Iris' dress :). The girls do look so big. Miss them so much. Glad you're finding time in the midst of settling in to have fun, explore the area, and play.

  3. Oh my. Iris is looking so grown up! Love seeing their sweet smiles... and hearing the peace present in your posts. :) Love you.

  4. i can't believe how grown Evee looks in that picture at the top of the slide! lovely lovely pictures. Mark loves reading your blog too.. it's probably the only one he reads besides our own!