Friday, January 13, 2012

In Australia

I am...
:: having rare internet usage
:: missing so many of you
:: getting to know my sister-in-laws and feeling blessed to have them
:: enjoying moments away with my Love and thankful for granny and granda who gladly take our girls
:: anticipating arrival into Christchurch and itching to set up home, even though I'm not sure what that will look like
:: going to the beach, multiple times (each day sometimes)
:: loving the sunshine
:: reading "Pride and Prejudice", wondering why I haven't read it before now and thinking of some dear friends who have loved this book for awhile
:: continuing to crochet baby lovies after seeing it done by a friend in Indiana and making a few as Christmas presents
:: hoping that Iris will take to the one I'm currently making for her
:: hearing from friends also obsessed with crocheting since we all started up again in makes me smile
:: ready for routine and excited to figure out life in a new setting

I hope you are all doing well.

(and comments are back on from a year+ absence if you feel so inclined to leave one :))


  1. yay for comments! miss you guys but glad to hear that life is good, peaceful and relaxing right now. P&P + the beach! that's the life! :)

  2. thank goodness for comments. :)

    Love you lots and love reading the updates.

  3. Ditto, Ditto. Hooray for comments! Been wondering how things are going. Sounds like you're relaxing and enjoying that Aussie sunshine. Love you!

  4. Glad to know you all are happy and doing great, enjoying your time off in Australia...the beach... reading (I watched the movie) and of course I miss you too! Kisses to all! Be blessed! Patricia B.

  5. Thanks for the comments, and from all the people I expected :).

    1. Not sure how to write my own- so I will comment on yours.
      1. I love that the comment section is back.
      2. Missing you guys so much.
      3. So glad to hear how things are going.

      Love you!

  6. I miss you Jamie! I would love to skype and catch up once you are settled in Christchurch. Love you so much and so excited for you guys!