Thursday, December 8, 2011

and sushi

I've never eaten so much sushi in my life, but it was too amazing to give in and stop eating.  Top sushi place in New Jersey, which I believe actually means something.  (And, can I add that I will know how to make sushi by the end of this week and hopefully will be ready to impress family at Christmas.  Oh yes.  We shall see.)

The goodbyes have started and I realize this is only the beginning.  I hope you are not tired of the goodbye posts since they have only begun.  The next 4+ weeks are filled with hellos and goodbyes. 

I will strive to focus on both and be grateful for the amazing people in our lives instead of letting myself get caught in the sadness.  I would rather know and say goodbye then have never known at all.  This is better, I will tell myself...because it is true.

We are in the midst of processing all that is coming while living in each moment and loving it for what is now.