Monday, November 14, 2011

thirty (!!!)

family breakfast, sitting at my favorite table
sitting and crafting
making and eating cakes (yes, cakes - one for a friend...(lots of celebrating this weekend!), one for home, one a friend made for Saturday night's party, and one that I don't have a picture of, but a friend made and gave on Sunday morning and it was absolutely amazing)
homemade cards and amazing gifts
brunch at another favorite spot and seeing fall as I drive to and fro
beauty of normalcy - baths and work
cards and emails and messages (thank you)
a little get together of dear friends
an afternoon alone to listen and ponder my 30 years
a night out with my love
and I'm looking forward to dinner out with friends tonight
indeed, much fun for a 30th birthday
and I actually feel quite young
and I actually feel content, at peace and thankful for where these 30 years have brought me