Friday, November 25, 2011


The day started with a 5k.  I didn't run, but I cheered.  I absolutely love cheering and feel quite passionate about it (probably got that from my dad, now that I think about it). 
A friend's friend brought me coffee.  I'd never met him.  The cup was warm. 

We headed home, slowly got the turkey going, scones made (not me, but Abby's fantastic baking skills), got ourselves ready for the day.  
Shanna brought a turkey craft for Evee.  Together we used the kitchen, we all made different dishes and it was fun to all be apart of it.  My first whole turkey turned out and we shared what we were thankful for and there is so much. 
Football, talking, eating, game playing, moving watching and a needed conversation with tea in our hands. 
I am thankful.  Hoping your day and weekend leave you feeling blessed.