Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More pictures (and a video for Clint)

Here are more pictures of this beautiful city...  We have loved being where my parents live and seeing the city they love so much.  Evee has enjoyed seeing real live castles and we wonder about the princesses who may have lived there. 

Evee said today that she would like to stay with papa and grandma always.  Although, she still tells me what she will tell Hana and Aida once we arrive home.  All in all, we are simply happy to be here.  My mom posted pictures of us at a children's museum here, if you are interested in seeing Evee pictures.

Clint left on Sunday and, after a bit of drama, he eventually made it to New Zealand.  So, bear with me as I post a couple of videos for him since I think it's the easiest way (as they are too big for email) for the girls to pass their messages on to him...

Pre-warning: it is complete randomness and I do realize that it looks like Iris might choke on that spoon, but it also sounds like she says "hi dad", which is fairly impressive, and the point is good (to see them).  Miss you babe.