Friday, September 9, 2011

this week (no more than) 48 words.  A rhythm for the weekend.  Taking time to look back on the week past.  A simple way to remember the weeks, the moments and to stay present.

I would so love to read your words!  If you take time to ponder the week and write, please share them.

A week without words here, which is far to long since it often means a lack of processing and purposing our days...although I feel more organized this week in many ways.  Defining the days and getting into a rhythm.  Feels good and it feels about time.   

And last week?  A bit of fun and peace while summer slowly/quickly comes to a the midst of sermon prep for Clint and usual work flow.  A gift in many ways and perfectly timed.  The beach.  A roller coaster.  Quiet evening fire with friends.