Thursday, August 18, 2011

we are working

 Pictures for their Australian citizen applications.  
And this was after bribing Evee.  Oh my :).

Life has been family, work, planning for New Zealand/church planting, people and all of that again and again. 

It has felt a bit overwhelming at times - work and preparing for NZ.  And frustrating at times to not have ease and regularity of schedule or big chunks of time together as a family.  We are taking it whenever we can and thankfully we are around and about each other within the flow of our days...and for that I am thankful. 

I have missed blogging, simply because it is an outlet to process, forcing thoughtful reflections of our days and bringing clarity to life.  

I guess I have been processing, a lot in fact, but not putting those reflections into words.  I'm realizing that in the randomness that is life right now there is actually congruency and sense of family collaboration.  And I love this.  I've wanted family and work and life to all flow in and out of each other and suddenly I realize that we have this and the moments are here right in front of me...I simply need to take hold of it.  It looks a bit different than expected, but it is a journey we are on.  And I'm glad we are on it...whatever it holds.