Monday, August 22, 2011

tidbits on last week

I looked at pictures of last week and remembered more of the beauty of it.  I should take pictures more often.

I think I said at least once a day to Clint, "I love four."  Evee is four and I love it.  Generally speaking, what a great age!

Our friends we live with have a farm share.  I confess, I've only gone 3 times to pick up our share, but I do love it and hope to contribute more to the simple pick up.

We made lots with tomatoes (the sign at the farm said to take as many as you want).  We made marinara 2 times last week and a wonderful tomato soup (even in the summer). 

We fixed an exterior handle on the car which saved hundreds of dollars (literally) and even though Clint did all the work and my contribution was to hold the computer so we could watch the YouTube video and repeat back what it said, I am very proud.

We regularly played music in the kitchen as we made dinner and did a lot (a lot!) of dancing.  I think Evee could dance for hours on end and I'm debating putting her in ballet again this fall before we move...

It was a good week and these are good days.  I am determined to not let them slip by me unnoticed, which can happen to easily.