Monday, August 29, 2011

Amelia Bedelia

I like Amelia Bedelia.

Two nights ago I came home from a long day.  People's opinions stuck in my head.

I put Evee to bed.  She slept on the floor of our room because we didn't know how bad the storm would be and she didn't want to be alone (and clearly Iris didn't count for keeping comfort).

We read Amelia Bedelia...the original one where she starts working for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.  In all actuality I'm sure that Amelia Bedelia would be quite frustrating to be around in real life.  I'm sure I'd go crazy.

But, sitting on that mat with Evee as she pointed out all the things that Amelia Bedelia was supposed to do and then laughing, I found Amelia Bedelia to be quite freeing.

I think I like her because she has a good heart.  Sure, she does a lot of things wrong, but she is trying so hard.  I like that she gives others the benefit of the doubt.  Sure, it doesn't make sense to "dust the furniture" or  "draw the drapes" literally, but she does it anyway.  She doesn't sit there and complain that the instructions don't make sense to her...she strives to trust and keeps moving forward.  Grace comes from both sides.  In the end it was simply that, a reminder of grace.

I like that in the end she is understood, even in all her quirks...(though this isn't always the case in real life).  Of course, it helps that she makes good pies.

I make a fairly good chocolate cake, does that count?