Wednesday, July 27, 2011

and she turns one

Oh little Iris.  What to say about her at this one year mark... 

She is an easy little one, but can also have quick reactions to little things.  She isn't bothered too much by the big things though. 

She is cheeky, playful, fun.  She sleeps a lot and sometimes we miss hanging out with her when she sleeps so much. 

She waves goodbye, jabbers, says mama and dad, blows kisses (thanks to June & Julia), crawls as fast as she can and laughs easily.

We like her.

It had to be a quick celebration during the time that she was awake and everyone was around.  She didn't get any of the cake, but we enjoyed it for her :).  She had homemade whipped cream/dairy for the first time with strawberries and watermelon and had "happy birthday" sang to her a number of times throughout the day. 

A fun, quick, low-key celebration.  Perfect for a first birthday that is treasured by us, but not remembered by her.