Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Do you remember the summer days growing up?  In my memory, we used to ride bike all day.  Or make pretend shops at the church down the road or roller skate in that same church's parking lot or eat icy pops. 

Today I look outside and that is Evee's life.  The neighbors filled up their good sized "kiddie" pool and a bunch of the kids are hanging out in and around it. 

She has also been riding bike for days straight.  Her and her friend are constantly asking to have picnics on the grass - pretzels and a blanket are usually our contribution.  Ruthie brings the Popsicles.

Last week I heard music as they ate their lunch outside together.  I went out there and asked if Ruthie had a radio.  She smiled and said yes.  Granted, it was an ipod and I sort of feel silly inside for thinking that she'd have a radio (who has those, these days?).

Summer is in swing!  And these distractions are wonderful for packing up our place.  What would I have done if we were moving in winter?!