Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I walked past her desk, saw flowers.  I stopped, asked who they were from.  Her husband.  30 years of marriage today.  She leans back and smiles. 

Were they doing anything special, I asked.  They'd go out tonight, hopefully get away for a couple of days soon.  They are best friends, she tells me.  They love being together and don't get enough of each other.

I think of my parents.  How they used to take walks after we'd gone to bed.  They would be so close to the house, just walk down the street a bit.  I used to stay by the window when I should have been asleep, watching to make sure they returned.  Now I think about how thankful I am that they took those walks, that they love each other.

I used to go to a sweet friend's house in junior high.  I have a picture in my head of her parents, sitting in the sun porch, her mom's feet up on her dad's lap, smiling and talking.  Their six children and I would have been doing random things in the house, but there they were...simply enjoying each others' company.

There is so much that we go through in life.  There are precious moments all the way through, and the painful ones as well.  I'm so thankful to have couples before me who have gone through all of it, life, together so beautifully.  I am thankful that I have the partner I do and all that he adds to my days.

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