Monday, June 13, 2011

the familiar

I sit outside at a coffee shop.  The weather is warm and my skirt floats up a bit with the breeze. 

People come in and out.  There is a man, sitting and reading nearby.  He must have biked a distance.  He drinks water and spits every once in awhile. 

The highway is close and I can see the cars.  Its only a coffee shop in a mall.  I don't know anyone around.  It's is a beautiful day, although I can imagine better moments and places.

But, there is something about it.  It is familiar.  It is known and I'm comfortable.  I can walk here, or ride bike, like I did today.  I remember sitting outside, at this table with a friend just last week.  I can see the restaurants across the parking lot where a friend and I worked the first year here.  I know there's a good happy hour at a place inside.  I know that Evee, on any given day, would love a hot chocolate and then to read books at the kid section of Barnes & Noble. 

Today I had some hours to myself.  I road bike here, went to the book store and looked over books on New Zealand.  Where might we live...  What the feel of the place is...  Sites where we may visit/eat/recreate...

I figure it takes a solid year to get used to a new place, hopefully find new friends.  A place like our seminary community, maybe 3 months since it is transient and we all move in together.  Maybe 2 years for an international move, we'll see. 

I remember the first few months here.  At the beginning, we'd lie in bed at night, half wondering what we were doing and if our decision had been a good one.  I know there will be nights like that to come. 

But, oh, it was.  A perfectly good decision.  And I know that next year at this time, 5 months after arriving, days like this one today might come.  Or perhaps the year after (or the one after that...who knows?), but they will come.  And, that will be good and I am hopeful.

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