Tuesday, June 28, 2011

an anniversary

Someone wrote (on a bridal shower card), "While its fresh in your mind write down why it is so exciting to hear Clint's voice."

While now I think this is a great idea, I didn't do that at the time.  Probably because it was so fresh and why take the time when we simply wanted to be together? :).  I recently come across a box of letters and emails that we exchanged some 10+ years ago.  I think I even blushed a few times while going through them.  I am thankful that I have those reminders of our love when it was new.

Love is an amazing thing.  I am thankful for this husband of mine...the man I married 9 years ago.  Celebrations are to come.  Today, of course, has been full of working and packing and children and loading a truck.  We finished by having dinner with friends, one couple who is also celebrating their love today. 

I realize, though, that in the midst of life, the love can get deeper if we make it so.  Even the busyness that was today I see the beauty of our relationship and what we are together.  Pursuing adventures, deciding that we will not always choose what is comfortable.  Love of relationships and having wonderful friends around us.  Caring for our little ones, side by side, in many respects.

And, what that woman shared on a card...I think only in the last couple years can I really say that I believe at every level who he is.  Even when we are upset or frustrated with each other, I know who he is and I'm thankful for that man...even in the harder moments. 

I'm sure in another nine years I will say the same thing but at even deeper levels...