Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A quieter morning than has been.  Just the three of us.

Evee and I hum "black sheep, black sheep...".  Iris is eating banana, then black beans and smiling as we carry out our song.

Evee sets her yogurt with granola back on the table after it sat in her lap.  As she moves to the song her hand mistakenly pushes it across the table.  It lands on the floor.

The music stops.  We look at the yogurt on the floor, the chair, the table.  I have a bowl and spoon in my own hand.  I pause, set it on the table.  I see the uncertainty in Evee's eyes. 

And I laugh.  There is yogurt all over.  We were singing.  Really?  What else is there to do?  The situation would have been quite interesting to someone looking in...the moments of silliness that not everyone sees.  Evee laughs with me.

I go get something to wipe it up with.  Evee states that no one made it spill, making sure I know that no one was at fault.  I acknowledge that, yes, it wasn't anyone's fault.

As I'm on my hands and knees moping up the mess, "accidents just happen sometimes" I say. 

"And it's okay," she responds. 

And I love that she knows that at 4 years old.

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