Saturday, April 9, 2011


I've noticed a shift lately.  For so long I'd been soul at peace.  Then slowly, the months unfold and a quiet discontent starts to infiltrate my life.  I want something more, something seemingly different, to be fulfilled in different areas of my life. 

How quick and easy is it to stop being grateful and become desire to be more important than I am!  When I do not strive to be grateful and see beauty in all things, I become discontent and unsatisfied in almost every area of my life. 

At the beginning of the year my desire was to "rest in grace"...I'm finding that this simple "goal" takes intentionality.  When I am grateful, I again see beauty.  I accept the simple graces of my day and feel rest and peace.  I am present in the moments that are now.

Peace, simplicity and love come from the small things in life.  May I more readily see the small, for beauty is in them. 

The other day, it was cloudy and gray.  I noticed yellow daffodils at the  bottom of the overpass as I drove along.  Seeing is as simple as that and my soul is lifted. 

Today it was...

the way Evee read books and cut out "pretty things" on the bathroom floor as I got ready for the day

a late lunch outside after brunch with friends in the morning...I could feel the sunshine on my feet.  when I put our plates across from each other Evee said, "that way we can look at each other"

hearing the vacuum running from the open screen door in an upstairs apartment...knowing that they are celebrating birthdays and, even though we can't make it, I feel excited for the party that will happen for them tonight

birds chirping as I walk into the house around 8pm and there is still a bit of light to the sky

the quietness about our day - peace in the unhurried

this sweetness

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