Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ready or not

Hide and seek is a popular game around here these days.

Usually Evee is the hider.  She will give 3 options (before she hides) of where she might be when we look for her.  Then we look in each of these spots, keeping where she actually is for last.  She's always laughing and surprised when found. 

It's been a bit more 2 sided lately.

This morning I hid.  She told me she'd count to 5 so I headed for a quick spot (behind the bathroom door).  When she was still counting at 15 I was thankful I'd brought my coffee with me.

I was amazed at how quickly the memories of playing hide and seek came.  That feeling of anticipation - knowing someone is looking for you and wondering, when they come into the room, if they will see you.

When she eventually looked behind the door I do believe she was more surprised than I was. 

There are certain moments where I am reminded of the beauty of childhood to a higher degree.  Like when Evee sent Clint off for the song.  Or when she says prayers at night...that are all in thanks and gratitude for what's around her.  

Another reminder to treasure the moments as they are and when they

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