Monday, March 7, 2011

an apron

Evee has a sweet little apron.  The apron was mine when I was a girl.  The pattern was one my mom took from an apron her grandma made for her when she was a little girl.  So Evee wears an apron that was mine and was taken from a pattern her great great grandmother made. I love this.  So much history.

I do just love the pattern.  Seems so perfect for a little girl to wear for oh so many things.  Evee wears it everyday.

Recently I made an apron from that same pattern for my niece.  I loved making it.  I re-purposed an old button down shirt of Clint's.  Using the back and sleeves for the main pieces and some of the shirt edges for ties.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but in the end was thrilled with it (just wish I had taken a picture).

Since then, I've made some more, taken a couple of those apart, sewed them better, stitched everything in place and ironed them neatly.

Here is some of the process.  Sometimes I use the front of the shirt, sometimes I use the sleeves...depending on the shirt. 

 And here are Evee and her friend posing in two of the aprons I made.

Also to say, I put these aprons up on etsy...just to see what might happen and to see if there is reason to make a few more.  You can see them here.

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