Sunday, November 21, 2010


Working in the children's area each weekend, it takes a bit of effort to get into the church service.

This morning I made it in.
The service had already started.
A person in the pool.
Their story being shared.

I think of the hardship I haven't experienced.  The loss and abuse is more than I'll know.

And yet?  She tells about a God that is gracious.  God is there and he is good. 

We celebrate new life. 
We sing about and to our God.

There is a young guy in front of me...maybe 16 or 17.
He is wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.  His hands are tucked in the pocket.
I watch him worship.  It looks real.  It looks like love, like grace.

A boy gets up, goes out the back, asks to be baptized too. 
He's in the pool. 
He says he knows freedom..."life to the fullest". 
He goes under and comes up again.

There are others.
Those who have experienced life.  grace.  freedom.  love.  peace.

The old becoming new...salvation in the truest sense.
It's a wonder. 
Hard to comprehend. 
Impossible without faith. 

to see it,
to experience it...
I've not known anything more real. 

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